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GRAFFITI , STREET & URBAN DECAY PHOTOGRAPHER. RESIDING IN LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, WY. IT'S GRIM UP T'NORTH !!!! Wondering into the dark, derelict & decayed so you don't have to, unless you want to? A Police officer once stopped me as I was checking out this abandoned factory and asked me why I liked taking photos of graffiti, decay and neglect. This is what I told him : The 'BROKEN WINDOW THEORY'. The definition given to the downward spiral of neglect leaves a constantly changing environment as decay and paint takes over once booming factories, busy offices and on every street corner. People are essentially recycling and breaking down these man made structures how nature would break down fallen trees. With metaphorical moss in the form of graffiti spreading across the walls, rot and decay chips away at the edges a bit at a time as human activity takes and reuses, just how nature would reclaim back everything it once gave. All Photos Taken By Me With My Panasonic Lumix G2 Unless Stated Otherwise. If You Wish To Use A Photo Please Contact Me, Or At Least Credit Me! Find me on Instagram @itsjustjoeb and Thanks for looking and please share if you like!

‘HYPNOJABBERWOCKY’ Graffiti by GOO BURR, Abandoned Bus Depot. Leeds.

HYPNOJABBERWOCKY’ Graffiti by GOO BURR, Abandoned Bus Depot. Leeds.

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